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Keyword Research Analysis. Competition Monitoring. Website SEO Audit.

Implementing a comprehensive audit on your website can help you identify problems which could potentially conflict with your search engine positioning, also know as SEO ranking. Site audits can be a daunting job but, they help keep your content from getting into a situation where your visitors won't find you. Performing a regular website audit can help you avoid penalties that will downgrade your spot in Google or other search engines.

An established SEO analysis of your website will also help search engine crawlers get a better understanding of your website content and improve your productivity rate. Doing an audit on your website should include at the least:

  • Detecting images without ALT tags.
  • HTML heading tag Usage.
  • How are anchor text linked?
  • Quality and amount of website content.
  • What is the quality and quantity of your backlink?
  • Keyword and related Latent Semantic Index¬†Usage.
  • Don't forget¬†to check your website keyword ranking.

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Website Visitors. Conversions. Search Engines Increases Your Income.

Which combination of words is best for your merchandise or services on your website or local business? Are you using the right keywords in your content to rank higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any search engine? In other words; are you finding and using the same vocabulary and language on your website that the searchers are seeking?

My free course will help you understand What's a Keyword plus:

  • Learn how you can use short and long tail keywords.
  • You get practice properly¬†performing different keyword research¬†techniques.
  • A better understanding¬†of how to use analytic¬†tools to SPY on your competition.
  • BOOST YOUR WEBSITE Rankings, Conversions, and Earnings.
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Rank High Studio Responsive Web Design

Affordable Custom Made. SEO Friendly. Responsive Web Design.

Rank High Studios' Affordable website design and web development services include, but are not limited to:

  • Search Engine Optimization Friendly Designs.
  • Responsive Web Design across All Devices such as your mobile, tablet, and your desktops.
  • Custom Hand Coded Design or WordPress Theme Selection.
  • Registering and hosting your website domain is extremely easy.
  • Guarantee for your Lifetime yearly renewal Flat Rate on all your domain registrations and hosting services.
  • Options are available for one-time design projects, monthly or periodically strategies and yearly maintenance plans.
  • SEO copywriting and website content creation opportunities available.

Tell me about your Website Design Plans, and together we'll come up with a solution that works for you.

Rank High Studio Professional Web Development Services

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Website Audits and Competitors Analysis

If any element listed below are out of optimization on your website, you may not be receiving enough site visitors. Your condition will always rob you of your position.  The items mentioned are all Key Factors that can help rank your website on page #1 in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any search engine.  In all, that mean more customers, sales and Internet success.

Rank High Studio Full Audit Checklist:

  • Duplicate Content & Domain Authority.
  • Redirects
    • 301 (Permanente redirects).
    • 302 Redirects (temporary redirects).
    • 404 Server Response (Page Not Found).
  • Keyword Usage and Relevant Content.
  • Page Load Speed & Image Size.
  • Images ALT Tag.
  • Broken Link & Back Links.
  • Outdated Websites and Much More.

My full SEO Audit report will show you precisely each issue that's limiting your website achievements; Ranking higher in major search engines, attracting relevant customers, converting and reducing your click-through rates and more.

Overall, I want to help you increase productivity while you run your Internet business. I'm here to help you fix whatever website problems that keeping your potential client from seeing your product and services.

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Keyword Research and Content Creation

Rank High Studio employs SEO best practices recommended by the experts and Google for building up your website traffic. My team will perform an exhaustive keyword investigation to find those hard to find profitable short and long tail keywords for your website.

By doing this the chances of your site content ranking higher in search engines dramatically increases, plus this will reduce the odds of getting penalized.

Find low competition profitable keywords related to your niche.

If you're intresting in learning how to find long tail keywords on your own, you'll get website traffic free of charge. Meaning, you won't have to pay for clicks or hire a web developer.

But if time is an issue for you, I do offer Keyword Research Services and find low competition keywords related to your niche to increase your website traffic.

  • Find keyword that mataches the searcher to your business
  • Evaluate keywords to understand which are important
  • Prioritize keywords
  • Implement keywords into content
  • Measure keywords

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Websites Design and Search Engine Optimization

Blessing to you on deciding to have a website built for your business. When you're looking to establish your web presence, you need a professional web developer who can help get your website content in front of potential visitors who may purchase your services or products.

If your visitors' can easily locate your products and services on the Internet, and if they enjoy your services, you'll receive more free targeted traffic ready to purchase your commodities right from your site or locale location.

You are in control 100%

I can design you a hand-coded website using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and a few other coding languages. Or would you prefer a WordPress premade theme website which is also customizable? The choice is yours. You tell me how you want your website created and I'll deliver it to your liking.

Control PROFITABLE keywords in your niche and rank high in the major search engines

  • Page Title
  • Meta Tags
  • ¬†Images
    • Alt Tags
    • Descriptions
    • Title
  • Minimum Word Count and More
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I offer professional SEO friendly Responsive Web Design. Meaning, your new website will look great and work across all devices; Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops. Activate involuntary reflexes in the brain of your competitors.

Affordable Website Design for Small Businesses

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Ravetra M. Nashville Tennessee

For months nothing on my computer screen was showing up. I had to hook up an HDMI chord to even use it. I looked for someone to fix it but the biggest problem was trust. I looked at many reviews but the majority of them always said that they would have to keep the laptop a really long time with no update on progress. That all changed when I met Leo. Not only did he fix it, he updated me on everything that was wrong and what he was going to do to fix it. He even sent me pictures of the progress. I am forever grateful for it and strongly recommend his services.

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