About Rank High Studio

About Rank High Studio

On a scale from 1 to 10, with one rating low and ten ranking on the high side; What's your frustration level when it comes to creating AND developing a website for your business?

Are you juggling your site construction as well as the development consistently; alongside your ordinary business obligations?

Or, are you skipping necessary search engine optimization procedurals, designed to help your potential website guest know your merchandise or services exist?

And do you feel like there's a lot of responsibilities involved creating and optimizing your website, making it harder for you to give your business that full concentration and attention where you need it the most?

If you discovered a way to shift your business workload, by decreasing the amount of associated task that you perform yourself operating your business, and at the same time you increased efficiencies; would you try that service or product if it was feasible, beneficial and not cheap, but affordable to host?

Did you answer yes to any of the above circumstances and conditions?

Then my services are intended for you in mind. Not only do I offer my assistance to help save you time and money, but I also expect it to help increase your Internet income and improve your lifestyle as well.

My services are going to allow you the opportunity to develop your business to the level you anticipated when you started your business.

Parts of your business may include tasks such as developing your company employees for better customer service or planning sales to increase on and off-site revenues. You are trying to acquire new customers and create a lifetime relationship with your guest, right?

On top of what I just mentioned, don't forget about including building your website. While you at it perform some on and off-page optimization routines, such as coming up with unique meta description tags for every single one of your website pages and posts that you create.

When are you ordering merchandise to keep the shelves stocked, plus arrange customer delivery of product, simultaneously with returns and any other business related demands?

It seems like you may have taken on more than you wish to handle. You knew running a business would be demanding, but trying to start-up or operate an existing Internet business at the same time could be incredibly stressful for you.

I genuinely understand; I've been there...

It's about patients and being great at multitasking, look at some more requirement you'll need if you want a chance at running a successful internet business, that's profitable.

  • Headline and URL configuration
  • Content creation
  • Broken links check
  • HTML h1-h6 heading tags proper usage
  • Quality backlink building
  • Page and traffic redirects (301 and 404)
  • ALT image tag optimized
  • Keyword research

The above list is barely a small amount of tiresome but essential website SEO elements that you'll need to complete if you plan to achieve a good position in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any search engine.

Your website visitors will NOT just come to your location if you build it. You're going to have to find the time to assemble and expand your website; Or, you can select an affordable, professional, customer-led webmaster like me to construct a site for your industry.

ABOUT ME: LeNard Simmons

I hope you don't mind if I take you on a journey of my self-discovery.

I was having a flashback and thinking about when I finally decided to become an active Internet Entrepreneur. I remember all the hard work and long days I put into my business start-up.

I stayed up working a lot of all-nighters. I can't forget all the mistakes I caused myself along the way.

I have a passion for writing poetry but quickly realized I like writing stories. The thought of being able to create something people may find pleasant and engaging encourages me to write about everything.

I discovered my writing desire while searching for a way to improve my lifestyle.

Some years back, I decided I was going to go into the restaurant industry, switching over from sales writing. I was looking for a career change. No reason, just want to see what else was out there.

Diligently Working On A Dream

I learned that I might be a cook at home, but the restaurant business was not where my heart was. I was a restaurant cook four years before throwing in the towel. I couldn't take the heat.

I seriously wanted to pursue sales, again, so I diligently searched the web.

I ran across all kind of ads, articles, blog post and websites promising to make me unbelievably wealthy. I wasn't interested, so I passed them up.

I did, however, discover an Internet marketing company (Wealthy Affiliate) who promised that if I diligently pursued my passion, they will provide a platform which could guide me to a successful Internet business. They promised to help me turn my desires into income. I research on this topic more.

My Life Start in 2015

In April of 2015, I joined Wealthy Affiliate with the Intent of turning my dreams into something I could survive off. Let me tell you; it wasn't a smooth ride getting to where I'm at now.

There was a significant learning curve, but it became easier the more that I disciplined myself by keeping the focus on operating my online business.

After learning what I wanted to do precisely to help people with their SEO website problems, I went back to school. I sought out the information most people wouldn't take the time to research. I believe this is going to give me the upper hand against my competitors.

I quickly learned about the shiny object syndrome. HTML leads to CSS. And Javascript guided me to Python which gave me the courage to tackle PHP and daddle around with the basis of other programming languages.

That was only in the beginning.

I Found My Passion In 2017

I'm now working on creating my WordPress themes, creating personalized apps for family and friends, (i'm ready to expand) building and developing websites.

I still have a long ways to go before I could ever consider myself to be one of the best in this industry. That's why I'm learning from some of the best.

Remember, I am severe and diligently building a career in this here industry. I'm for real you see. I aim to be different not difficulty.

Where am I Now

I'm an SEO Specialist which means I help your website reach the first page of major search engines like Google. I only use white hat techniques, which helps prevent search engine penalty and keep your site in a higher position.

I assist with your SEO copywriting investigating low competition and highly targeted keywords that will increase your website traffic, bring you new leads and help your business.

I'm now extending my work skills onto copywriting. I'm performing intense research for SEO copywriters, practicing email-shots, and getting out of my comfort zone by facing the much needed social media platforms.

What Most People Don't Know About Me

I have been an Ordain Minister since March of 2015. I love learning about God, but I tell you I'm no saint. I have been working on a particular project I'm sure to be my life biggest challenge. Sites 4 Christ.

I Like to be surrounded by energetic like-minded people, but I consider all people my friend. Don't be shy, interduce yourself. Ask me how I can help you help your web presence.

LeNard Simmons View posts by LeNard Simmons

Web development is something that I got into, and slowly over time, it evolved into a business. The last couple of years has been me learning. I know HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and Python. I like to build websites sometimes hand coding them, while at other times I to take the easy way and us a website builder. Also, I can create mobile and web apps, write sales copy and other material. I know five different coding languages, so far. Ask me a question. I enjoy learning. I believe knowledge and ideas are for sharing. Being creative while inspiring others to do the same, I also enjoy. My hobbies are reading books that inspire people, watching futuristic movies that can keep my attention, cooking homemade meals from scratch, playing World of Tanks, Black Ops, and video games. I also like helping people solve problems. How can I assist you today?

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